y hullo tharr!!

There's something I need to say to you:

Thank you for your support and all the good feedback, you keep me going people! <3

I've also, unfortunately, met people who think I'm full of myself and think I'm "something special" because I give patches to you and because I've been working for Furcadia(or something like that, can't really remember what was said cause it left me a little "umm..what?" xD cause I had no idea where those things were coming from). Well, I'm not really sure what to say. I'm just being nice here and -giving- my work to everyone for free and hoping to encourage new artists to modify art and make their own, so I dunno which part makes me so evil, if it's giving or helping, hard to say.

Just wanting to say there that if it really offends you that I want to give things away or if it somehow makes your mouth taste like catshit that I've been working for Furcadia, I think it's the mirror that you have to go accuse for being a bitch, not me :P That just makes me sad.

I don't think I'm the best patch artist of Furcadia, I don't actually even think that I'm very good or anything, I just do stuff cause it's fun to make your own world, specially when buying things in real life is so expencive and I'm so very poor. This is my way of decorating..that is...untill I become a millionare and cows fly.


sorry! UNDER CONSTRUCTION and stuff

So there's really no thumbnails or anything that has "modern technology" written all over it.The newest patches go to the bottom.


Here are the patches that you came here for:

DREAM*My winter dream, Snowglobe (it won 1st prize in normal class, yey!) Download!

DREAM*My Wolfhowl dream, Lost Lenore. It has lots of patches from great artists like Corsyus and many others. But some of the patches are made by me. Oh and..there might be lots of bugs and such things in that dream, it was made before the squirrel update. It won a honorable mention :) Download!

DREAM*My chinese new year dream, it has lots of patches made by me but also a few made by others. And as local species, cats in kimonos, when they lay down you can see the colors of their auras and chakras.(it got second prize :)) Download!

AVATAR*A feral fox patch. They're kinda cute, fit well as pets because they have collars Download!

AVATAR*A striped giraffe avatar patch, it's...different ;) Download! Screenshot

AVATAR*This is probably one of my most liked patches. Foxflies! They're tiny foxes with huge transparent wings. Download! Screenshot

ITEM*Here's an item patch, it has over 100 unique items made by me. I hope there's at least one thing you like :) (note: rename the file iteme.fsh and you might have to fix furre positions, shape positions and shape properties, I just tossed some items in the same file) Download! Screenshot

SKIN*Maybe you'd like a skin? This marbled is very much alive. It got honorable mention in winter skin contest, though, it has nothing to do with winter. Download! Screenshot

AVATAR*There's never enough winged avatars. This patch gives felines, canines and musties wings. Download! Screenshot

AVATAR*Chaos wings for canines. These wings are huge and pointy. Only for canines. (rename the file player.fsh after you extract it) Download! Screenshot

FLOORS*Floors floors floors, lots of floors out there. This zip has floors.fsh and floore.fsh, away with default grass, I made longer and more natural looking grass, also there are a few stone floor tiles I made and a few that you can use to make deep pools-illusion with :) in the floore.fsh there are just random floors I've made, there are a few psychedelic ones and I think I used someone elses floor as a base for them, but they look completely different now. I can't remember the original artist, probably from the borg bar patch that you can download from furcadia's patches :/ Download!

ITEM*Another item patch, this is kinda like an IKEA-patch, you can combine things, color things yourself, and at the same time you will learn about patching. It includes a lot of bar tables, new fluff pillows, flowers and vases and shelves and bear rugs...Check it out! (note. you are required to know how to use the FSH editor a little in order to use this patch, you gotta cut and paste and combine :)) Download!

AVATAR*A lot of people have asked about the Chaoswings for canines, and so, if you know how to combine patches, you'll probably know how to add these wings to any species you want. Just save the image and import it to your FSH editor. HERE IT IS!

AVATAR*Alrighty, Wyld Cats, the cat that's sitting next to the title is an avatar. Female portrait by Indigo Nightfall, male portrait by xX Silence Xx. People have been asking about this avatar, so here it is :) There's another Wyld Cat avatar on this page, it is a lighter version so download that one if you dislike the dark/dirty colors on this avatar. Download Screenshot

DREAM*FINALLY! A lot of people has asked about my spring dream, Fairytails. So here it is! maps and all! It has a lot of patches by myself and by Arinos, Polo North's bunnies and some gorgeous wooden walls by Kinsem. It has games and fun stuff. Have fun with it! Download!

ITEM* Someone asked for me to make new beds, here they come! A few really soft big beds, one gothic looking white one(Silence made the bedposts for that, and hates it that I credit him ;))then there are veils and big pillow-beds with a harem look to them. .Download Screenshot

AVATAR* New version of the Wyld Cats! This one lets you use light colors without them looking too dirty. Much more fresh looking. And comes with specitags! Rename wyldcats2.fsh to local1.fsh in order to make it a local species. Download

AVATAR* Cackleberry dragons. They are small lizardbirds with stripy tails. I haven't given them shadows and there's only two sitting positions but for now, this is all you're gonna get so try to live with it :) Download

AVATAR* Siamese cats! My siamese cats I made for the summer festival. I got the idea from Slang's house cats. Download Screenshot

PORTRAITS* My old portrait patch for The Dancing Galaxy, the portraits are sort of rave/hippy mix to a point ;) So, here are TDG portraits! Download

ITEM* Autumn/Halloween patch! I made some new bushes, trees and pumpkins, there's items to make a huge corn maze and all sorts of stuff. Abouts 80 items or more, enjoy! Download

DREAM* Nightmare Hotel! After a billion requests, this dream is finally zipped up and waiting for you to download :) I want to mention that this dream has a lot of patches and avatars that are NOT done by me. There's a credit.txt included, just so you know :) Download

PORTRAITS AND BACKGROUNDS* Mix and match portrait set! Here are the portraits and here are backgrounds you can use with them. Keep in mind that these patches require some knowledge on how to create a portrait patch. You can't use them as they are, but you need to compile a patch of your choice yourself. All portraits were made by Indigo Nightfall and Wani, all backgrounds were made by Indigo Nightfall, Wani and Valkyn. Enjoy :)

SKIN*Dancing Dragons skin is here! yay! Comes with smilies. Screenshot Download


DREAM* Carnival of Rust! This is a dream me and Night Kichi did for the Wolfhowl 2007 and got second place. Yey! The skin was missing a few buttons and there wasn't too much to do but there's a lot of patches for your enjoyement. I think there were an item or two by Honcho and Terra Wolf in the itemfile(thanks to them both for being awesome artists)but other than that it's all me and kichibejb. The skin is a bit broken now that Furcadia has been updating like mad. Download

DREAM* Falling Leaf Tavern! This is a semi-elven-looking dream I was working on for a while, it has all patches drawn by me so they're "new" like that. There's also a map but I didn't really DS all of it and the bed-item needs to be split in right kinda pieces, youknow, I just got lazy with it ;) I hope you like it! Download




AVATAR* Seraph player patch, by Tigi Rangama, it affects canines only, giving them three sets of wings Download




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